Swindon IT company Excalibur has warned that hacking is now a major threat to SMEs but they can protect themselves to some extent by taking relatively simple precautions.

The company said hackers think of ever more inventive ways to game the system, so it’s essential to stay ahead and keep cyber defence under regular review as outlined in GDPR legislation. Not having the right protection can cause significant losses in terms of money and reputation.“Testing” your own cyber security is a good indicator of whether a company has the right digital protection. Clearly, if you fail your own hack, it is time to put new security in place and train staff how to spot classic hacks and phishing emails. There are also a number of business indicators that should prompt a review and possible upgrade;

Current and new customers have expressed concerns over your current systems

If you get reported to an organisation such as the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), for a breach of security, you could face a hefty fine.

Employees bring their own devices to work

If multiple devices are connecting to your IT system, you are more vulnerable to attack. Specialist device management software makes sure a business can protect company and client information (detects non compliant devices and manages usage permission and more).

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