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'My marketing just isn't working!!'. I help you to find out why, and then put a plan in place to make sure it works.

Company Description

Often the reason your marketing isn't working, isn't because you're doing your marketing wrong but because you aren't targeting the right customers. You want to target everyone because otherwise you won't get any sales, but the reality is that it means that you can't then make sure what you are saying resonates with your customer to create that enquiry or sale. Finding out who your ideal customer is transforms your marketing messaging. You'll be able to find that customer who comes back time after time, never quibbles about the price, who recommends you to their friends. I get to the heart of your business, understanding your challenges and then help you understand who your customers are and how to target them. Once you know this we'll have the tools to create a killer marketing plan which will deliver results. I have 20 years experience working across a wide range of sectors, including charity, financial services and FMCG. I take the techniques I have learned through big brands and adapt them to work at a simpler level so that local businesses can grow and prosper.