Short introduction

The Wiltshire Business Mentoring Scheme is a high quality service available at low cost to all business owners in the county.

Company Description

The Wiltshire Business Mentoring Scheme is a non-profit association of professional business mentors working with business owners and start ups across the county. The Scheme provides 3 sessions of business mentoring, each of c1.5 hrs (total c4.5 hrs) within a 3 month period. There is a registration fee of £50. The open market value of this service is £540. On completion of the 3 mentoring sessions, the business owner and the mentor are free to end the relationship or to negotiate their own Terms and Conditions for a private business mentoring relationship. There is a rigourous recruitment process for mentors, who abide by the Scheme's Code of Practice. All mentors have their own Professional Indemnity insurance. The Scheme's supervisors consider business owners' applications carefully to ensure that they are matched with the most appropriate mentor for their business challenges and for their personality. Business owners may apply direct to the Supervisor (Ross Nichols) or via the Scheme's referral partners: Inspire; The Enterprise Network; and The Growth Hub.