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Grants for Early-career Craftspeople - New Round Open

This grant scheme is provided by the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST).
By Tim Burghes,
The Emerging Maker Grant is a funding opportunity for talented early-career craftspeople who have a strong foundation and commitment to their craft, but who are still in the process of developing their skills and expertise.

A grant of up to £10,000 is provided towards craft training and education. The training can take many forms, from traditional college courses to vocational one-on-one learning with a master craftsperson, or a bespoke programme of short courses.

The grant is open to all UK-based makers who identify their practice within the field of craft and have a strong foundation and clear commitment to their craft.

Emerging makers are defined as individuals at an early stage of their career, who have been in professional practice for four years or less.

More details here - https://www.qest.org.uk/apply/emerging-maker-grants/