The world is connected. No matter where we are, we can message, post, or tweet, so our family and friends can enjoy our updates. Life has changed forever, but have estate agents?
Twenty years ago, before the launch of Rightmove, estate agents worked an applicant list, manually keeping in touch and pro-actively matching buyers and sellers. While this does still happen, it is highly diluted. Technology has replaced the manual process, and many agents have become reliant on the portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Both portals operate buying alert systems so viewers can be instantly updated when new homes become available, replacing the need to contact multiple agents.

Technology is here to stay, but since an estate agency is a people business, it needs relationships forged with buyers and sellers to deliver the optimal results. Top-performing agents use technology to leverage but most importantly, reach more buyers.

75% of homeowners have a social media account. A staggering statistic. However, more shocking is that 66% of buyers are not actively looking. They stumble upon a house for sale, through word of mouth, a for sale board, and now through social media. If you consider an estate agent who does not include a paid social media campaign within their marketing strategy, I would question why not. 
With my estate agency, you don’t have to wait for a buyer to walk down the high street to see your home - I deliver your advert to them, on their phone, iPad or PC, wherever they are. Using the latest social media profiling, your property will receive a unique geo-targeted advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram - pro-actively reaching every buyer possible, with the platform intelligently learning who are the right buyers and finding more of them.

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