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How many times have you put off dealing with a potential issue because you did not feel confident with how to approach the situation? Whether it’s fear of saying the wrong thing or not wanting to “rock the boat”, inaction can often just make a problem worse, and also risks damaging morale among the wider team.

Knowing how and when to intervene early can help you to avoid bigger problems further down the line – and may often give you greater insight into how to handle a situation for the benefit of all involved.


Why should I complete this workshop?

By the end of the workshop, you will come away with tools, techniques and templates to support you with dealing with issues in the workplace enabling a happier, more productive team. Areas covered will include:

  • What makes a conversation feel difficult and share simple tips and structures to make it easier for you to open a dialogue with a team member
  • Exploring approaches to common challenges such as:
  1. Handling absences, including return to work meetings and wellbeing action plans
  2. Underperformance
  3. Team conflicts
  4. Grievance and disciplinary issues, including how to investigate matters fairly without prejudging and when to move to a formal process
  5. Consulting on change
  • How our behaviour and communication style influences how others respond
  • Providing guidance around what you should (and should not) say, reflecting relevant legislation and good practice, so you can handle HR conversations with increased confidence.

We will finish with a light lunch and opportunities to network with other business owners and managers.



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Business Cyber Centre, Unit 7, Bellinger Close,
Chippenham , Wiltshire
SN15 1BN
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