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The rise of AI chat, like Chat GPT, poses a lot of questions for businesses. What does it mean for your business, and how can you use it for your benefit? In this session, Rich will explain exactly what AI chat is, how it works and how you can use it grow your business.

What will this presentation cover?

• Learn about what AI chat is and how it works

• Find out how to use it grow your business

• Discover the pitfalls and dangers it present and how to avoid them

• Develop a plan that will help your integrate AI chat in to your marketing strategy

Who is this event aimed at?

Start-up businesses, marketing managers or people responsible for marketing, students of all ages.


18:00 - Refreshments and networking.

19:00 - Presentation - Richard Brown.

20:00 - Q&A.

21:00 - Close.


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