A customer persona dictates the exact type of content you should create and where you should promote it. It can seem very complex or simple, depending on your business and the type of person who uses the service or products. To create these ‘personas’ we need information from your data. There are strong patterns that are found in this data:  

  • Demographic data - buyer’s living environment, linguistic preference, and religion. 
  • Behavior - frame of mind,  motivational factors 
  • Objectives or goals - pain points 

Did you know that most businesses need to have 3-8 different personas for their products and services? Many small businesses are more than likely excluding a large percentage of their potential customer base by only targeting only one group of people. Finding this data to build your personas are easier than you think. As you already have this data which can be found in: 

  • Google Analytics, 
  • Email or CRM data
  • Instagram, YouTube, and iTunes
  • Facebook audience insights

This will give you enough information to tell you who the audience is and should be.

Customer persona’s help to build stronger relationships with clients. It also expands your customer base helping you understand the primary target market as well as your secondary markets. Most larger businesses map their customer base from a persona. This means that they can create a direct campaign to meet their customer's needs. Something highly relevant in this digital world, it’s vital to keep 2 steps ahead to have a return on investment.

Customer personas help you to visualise an actual person: who they are, what they do, and their likes/dislikes. This enables you to speak the same language as your customers. The content will be clearer to what the product or service offers how it solves their pain points.

One of the main benefits of customer personas is that they will help you to define whether the consumer is the same as your buyer. You can try this out by using various messaging formats this will highlight the buyers and audience (potential buyers). It’s important to have a solid understanding of who will be engaging, buying, and consuming what your brand is offering.

Customer personas will seem like a tiresome task but it is worth investing in. It may be difficult to create a customer persona without knowing more about your business and the type of customers you’re marketing to, but hopefully, it’s given you a starting point to create your personas.

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