Bill Alexander has 21 years of experience working in turnarounds including latterly 12 years as CEO of Red Letter Days, taking the company out of administration through to a successful sale in 2017. Working with the likes of Peter Jones & Theo Paphitis from Dragons’ Den, he not only learnt a great deal from them, but also understands what it takes to deliver success in difficult and challenging times and with very demanding shareholders. 

The Swindon and Wiltshire Growth Hub are delighted that Bill has agreed to present a series of webinars which have been designed to talk through some of the most important lessons he has learnt on this journey. 

He will cover what great leadership means and share how he has helped business leaders to overcome their daily challenge to create momentum and give you tips to move your business forward in difficult times and in very competitive markets.  He will also look ahead to how businesses are likely to have to operate in the new “normal” as Covid-19 eventually comes under control.

In his own words, Bill outlines his plans for each of the interactive webinars where Bill will be your mentor for the session:

Leadership lessons from a turnaround

Using examples from my time at Red Letter Days, I want to discuss what it takes to be a great leader. 

When people are asked about who has inspired them in their lives you get the usual suspects: Churchill, Branson, Bill Gates etc.  My question to you, however, is why don’t more people mention a former boss, or work colleague?  I believe it’s because very few managers today have ever been taught what it really takes to become one. 

I will cover my seven key insights into this critical subject:

  • Why a compelling future is important.
  • Engaging your team and peer group.
  • What to communicate and why.
  • Empowering your people.
  • Why do you feel that its lonely at the top? It shouldn’t be.
  • Bring the long term, near term.
  • Look after the tree and not the fruit.

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2. How to prevent your business plateauing 

During 2020 many businesses owners have struggled, let alone grow their businesses.  So how do we change things in 2021 and ensure that you personally and your business will grow and succeed?  I will explore with you what got you started in the first place, and interestingly, how those are the secrets to taking you and your business forward.

Is your business struggling to get the growth it needs and are you finding it difficult to get traction in the current climate?  You are not alone.  I will run through several concepts (many learnt from mistakes I have made) that will help you grow in 2021 and make a success of your business.

I have found that clarity is important, and I’ll explain how it helps me and how I believe it will help you.  Strategy is also important and should become a key part of your week.  The drive that got you started, and your early successes, are the very things that will help you move forward now.  I will look with you at how you can get that momentum going again and achieve that passion over the drudgery.  I also want to discuss why I believe that discipline is also vital – yes, really!

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3. The future of business post Covid

In a world of increasing social injustice and environmental deterioration, how can businesses become a force for good and part of the solution?  An hour exploring the rapid growth of the B-Corp, what it represents, how to implement it successfully and what the real benefits can be to your business.

The CEO of BlackRock (the world’s largest asset manager), Larry Fink stated this year that “The more your company can show its purpose in delivering value to its customers, its employees, and its communities, the better able you will be to compete and deliver long-term, durable profits for shareholders”.

I have recently become a certified B-Corp Leader, and I am currently helping Motivates Inc. Ltd become a B-Corp.  (Motivates is a London-based bespoke motivation and rewards company helping businesses show employees, customers and other great people how much they are valued).  

I’ll outline who B-Corp are and what drives them and explain how you could become part of this growing networks of businesses.  There are some significant benefits for your business, and I’ll cover the likely positive changes that your business could see; how long it will take to become accredited and how much it might cost.  I will also run through the reasons B Corps are valued higher than traditional businesses.

This webinar is for those people who want to make a difference in their communities, for the planet and for the people who work for them or alongside them as well as run a successful business.

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