What is the healthy ageing challenge?

The number of people over 75 in the UK today is one in 12. By 2040, it will rise to one in 7. We’re also living for longer and a third of children born now are expected to live to 100.

This presents a challenge to health services, but it is also an opportunity for businesses and researchers who can help people to stay active and productive as they age.

The healthy ageing challenge will support UK government’s mission to ensure people can enjoy at least 5 extra healthy, independent years of life by 2035, while narrowing the gap between the experiences of the richest and poorest.

Through the challenge, government will bring together UK businesses and researchers to support people to stay in their homes for longer, tackle loneliness, and increase independence and wellbeing.

It is part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which brings together leading researchers and businesses to tackle today’s most important societal issues.

The intention is to delay the need for additional care and support through the development of new products and services to support an ageing society.

The Centre for Ageing Better charity has developed a Healthy Ageing Challenge Framework, to stimulate thinking about the ISCF Healthy Ageing Challenge. It focuses on seven themes to stimulate innovation in pursuit of longer, healthier lives for all.

What’s the investment?

Up to £98 million will be invested in research and innovation that supports people as they age, while also helping those that care for them.

What are the funding opportunities?

In the coming years there will be a number of opportunities for UK-based researchers and businesses.

This includes a set of catalyst awards – developed in collaboration with the National Academy of Medicine in the United States – to engage global innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs in research partnerships that span healthy ageing. These awards will help innovators begin executing their ideas for innovation and research towards a healthy, ageing society.

We will publish more information on the range of funding and partnership opportunities as they become available from the middle of 2019 onwards.