The kickstart scheme was developed by the government to help young people aged 16 to 24 who are currently unemployed and looking for work, an opportunity for businesses to offer a six-month work placement to provide support, training and develop employability skill for long term employment.

It also gives young people the chance to experience a work environment and build on their social and networking skills connecting to new people.


What attracted you to apply for a Kickstart role?

“When I was first approached for the Kickstarter role it did not sound like something I would be interested in, however after reading up and finding more information about the scheme I was able to understand what it could offer. I thought it would be a great opportunity for myself to experience something new and have the chance to prove myself as a ‘young hard worker’ leading me to develop my work skills ready for future employment”.


What was the interview process like?

“The interview process was not as scary as it seems, coming into any job role can be nerve-racking, but having read into the job description and research the company beforehand I had some idea of how I wanted to approach the meeting and present myself. The interview felt very informal and more of a conversation, this helped me answer questions more smoothly and felt less intimidating in saying the incorrect thing. It was a great experience to have as a first job interview, and I received good feedback after the interview process on how to improve my communication and responses to questions allowing me to recognise my strengths and build on my weaknesses.”


What concerns did you have before starting the placement?

“My biggest concern with starting the kickstart placement was the 6-month work period, I thought having such short time with a business wouldn’t be efficient enough to learn or get anything done. However, after doing more research into the scheme and reading other young people’s kickstart placements I decided to give it a try. Having completed my own Kickstart journey, I can say it was one of the greatest achievements I have could have done and have loved every minute of it. Allowing me to approach a new job role and experience a different work environment, has given me the opportunity to improve myself as a person with noticing my weakness and developing new skills I can use for future job interviews and employment offers.”


What support have you received as a part of the scheme?

“During my placement I have received plenty of support such as training from inside the business using software and applications along with how to communicate to other members of the team in addition to how to present myself when being approached during work meetings. I have also received training outside the organisation like Purpol Marketing – Kickstart my Career, helping me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses and how to develop on improving myself as an employee using skills and work techniques and apply these to my CV.”


What would you say to other businesses considering employing a Kickstarter?

“Go for it! Not only are you giving your business a chance to present itself to others, but you are also giving young people the opportunity to gain experience in working for an employer and develop new skills and knowledge of a work environment. You also help them to learn and grow as a person assisting them in their development for future employment or continued employment within the organisation. Having the chance to work within a business will boost the confidence of young people and will have positive impact in employment, furthermore, giving your business a fresh mindset in new ideas and giving yourself the opportunity to learn new ways to help and train new employees for future jobs.”


In conclusion

“The kickstart scheme has giving me the chance to improve myself as an employee and gain the confidence to go out and apply for new jobs, using the skills and knowledge I have learnt during the process as well as how to communicate to new employers. It is a great opportunity for a young person and for them to give back to the business. You will improve someone’s work ethic and help them for future employment, as well as having the chance to promote your own business and give a positive look on it. Essentially everyone is doing their bit for the region.”