It’s more important than ever for the business community to play its part in protecting our planet. During the recently concluded COP27, there was an increased call during the summit for stronger action on net-zero. But for smaller businesses, it can be difficult to know where to start.  

Ecologi’s app will give thousands of service-based small businesses the opportunity to access Ecologi Zero, a simple-to-use and accurate carbon accounting platform for free – allowing them to measure their emissions. This will help to make carbon tracking and climate action more accessible for smaller businesses. 

Barriers facing small businesses

Small businesses are already facing so many challenges in the UK. So when it comes to sustainability, many don’t have the same time or resources to focus on it as bigger organisations. Taking the first step can seem overwhelming, especially when there is little support out there.

Our research shows that 68% of small businesses want to improve their sustainability practices, but many don’t know where to start. The good news is that new digital tools like Ecologi are helping to level the playing field, reduce the barriers and simplify the process for these businesses. 

Working together to help businesses go green

Calculating a business’s carbon footprint, the critical first step in the journey towards net-zero emissions, is often a time consuming and manual task. 

But Ecologi Zero’s simple dashboard will allow service-based small businesses to gain a thorough understanding of their footprint, automatically measure and track emissions whilst also helping them take positive climate action on their net-zero journey.

You can connect your accounting software and emissions are calculated for each transaction which is then included in your business’s carbon footprint. Ecologi Zero will then capture other information about your business activities to give you a thorough understanding of all of your  emissions – from operations to your supply chain.

Ecologi Zero is currently only available to service-based small businesses, such as mechanics, tutors, or others that don’t sell physical products, but Ecologi plans to expand the app’s capability in 2023 to give even more businesses access.