A new interactive diagnostic quiz from Sage, the business cloud accounting provider,  generates a personalised ‘readiness rating’ for entrepreneurs and future founders, coupled with curated expert advice, inspiration and free resources targeting the ‘gaps’ in their knowledge across three core areas: finance, admin and mindset.

According to research, over half of UK adults dream of starting their own business, and this quiz is a great starting point for those considering such a jump, providing free resources and inspiration based on what rating you receive to help along the way.

The interactive diagnostic quiz explores:

  • How financially prepared you are to start a business
  • How prepared your business plan currently is
  • How well you deal with time management and essential administrative tasks
  • How mentally ready you are to build a successful business

The quiz can be taken here to find out your own ‘business readiness rating’ along with the free resources to help you on your business journey.