The Green Distilleries Competition aims to address decarbonisation in the UK spirits sector by accelerating the development of low carbon fuel switching solutions. Fuel switching is seen as the highest priority for decarbonising the industry as it offers the maximum carbon reduction opportunity due to the wide use of fossil fuels to produce heat for the distillation process.

The scheme will take a portfolio approach and aims to fund a range of solutions which could include electrification, hydrogen, biomass or waste. In addition, enabling technologies will be considered and could include fuel conversion, transportation or storage.

Phase 1 will fund feasibility studies looking into developing technologies that enable the use of a low carbon fuel in a distillery. From a total budget of £500,000, individual projects will be awarded up to £75,000 to develop a number of fuel switching solutions.

The funding will enable distilleries to cut emissions by almost a million tonnes of CO2 every year - equivalent to taking 100,000 cars off the road.

Energy and Clean Growth Minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, said:

  • 'Our plan to deliver a carbon-neutral future doesn’t just mean new jobs in new industries but helping some of our oldest industries to play their part as well.
  • 'We want to harness the tremendous innovation of our distilleries so customers can enjoy their favourite tipple in the knowledge they are helping us to tackle climate change.'
More details, including information on how distilleries can express interest in the funding, can be found on the Green Distilleries Competition page