The Longer Duration Energy Storage Demonstration Innovation Competition is intended to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative longer duration energy storage projects (excluding commercial solutions such as pumped hydro/lithium ion), through first-of-a-kind (FOAK) full-system prototypes or actual demonstrations.

Longer duration storage (across days, weeks, and months) could help reduce the cost of meeting net zero by storing excess low carbon generation for longer periods of time - helping to manage variation in generation, such as extended periods of low wind. This could reduce the amount of fossil fuel and low carbon generation that would otherwise be needed and optimise the output from renewables (rather than paying to turn off generators when there is excess supply).

Up to £68 million of capital funding will be delivered across two competition streams.

  • Stream 1 is focused on pre-commercial demonstrator proposals. £37.2 million of innovation funding is available the form of capital grants.
  • Stream 2 is focused on pre-commercial FOAK prototype proposals. £30.5 million of competition funding is available.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is considering three key technology categories across both streams: Power-to-X, Thermal, Electric. Electric, Thermal, Power-to-X. All demonstrations would have to demonstrate flexibility service provision both to and from the grid.

The competition is open to innovators located and operating in the UK that are working on any type of energy storage technology which meets the scope of the competition's objectives. It is thought that consortia would be best placed to deliver projects, comprising of technology provider, end-user and investor (if applicable).

Applicants must register for the competition by 23 July 2021 (14:00 BST). The deadline to submit full proposals is 13 August 2021 (14:00 BST). More details here.