climate change

A recent survey based around business mindsets regarding climate change suggest that although over two thirds of businesses within the West of England regard the subject of climate change as a significant issue within the business field, it can be shown that a huge number of those businesses need additional support if they want to contribute to reducing the issue.

The survey in which this data was retrieved from was the Business West Quarterly Economic Survey, which suggested that alongside the vital need for actions to be taken regarding climate change, this needed to also continue within the future as businesses will still take part as time progresses. This survey reached 429 SMe’s and suggested that therefore actions need to happen fast.

Many of the businesses which defined climate change a significant issue, and 46% of those businesses have taken action to reduce carbon emissions alongside environmental impacts. 31% have also carried out ways to reduce these issues, however on a slightly minimal scale and have switched to a more sustainable energy supplier. However, a surprising 21% of businesses within the survey have taken no actions at all.

Despite talk of taking action regarding climate change, there are still vital challenges and strains which are stopping businesses from fulfilling these actions.

One of the most significant issues regarding how to tackle climate change was cost, and businesses need help from the government to ensure the UK reaches its 2050 target of net-zero. Finance, more information regarding policies and general advice being more readily available would increase 89% of businesses to reduce their carbon emissions within the near future.