People and skills

Work Wiltshire will have vital employment and skills information all in one place. Along with young people it will also advise employers, those who are vulnerable, have complex needs or disabilities and people who require financial support.

The website is a result of engagement with partners including local schools, Carer Support Wiltshire and Community First to ensure the website provides the most up to date and relevant information for users.

The site will have generic information and links to other relevant websites and local support on 1:1 topics including:

  • Young people’s next steps
  • Apprenticeships
  • Working in Wiltshire
  • Information for employers
  • Further and higher education
  • Support for those with barriers to work
  • Financial support
  • Support for schools
  • Programmes run by the Wiltshire Council’s Employment & Skills
  • Service Policies and data
  • Local projects


Latest news updates from Work Wiltshire can be found here.