On 21 September 2022, the Government outlined plans to help cut energy bills for businesses.

The Non-Domestic Alternative Fuels Payments Scheme provides a fixed payment of £150 to UK non-domestic consumers who are off the gas grid and use alternative fuels. Most consumers that are eligible for this payment will have already received it automatically as a credit on their electricity bills.

Properties not connected to the electricity grid will not have received £150 automatically and will need to apply through the online portal.

Higher users of kerosene, defined as over 10,000 litres per year, will be eligible to apply for an additional payment based on the amount of Kerosene they use. Please note that the additional payments are for Kerosene only and do not cover other fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) gas oil or red diesel. Anyone in any doubt about the fuel they are using should contact their supplier.

Who can apply?

This scheme provides support for all UK non-domestic consumers using alternative fuels such as kerosene for energy, that are not on the gas grid. This includes commercial businesses, voluntary sector organisations including charities and community interest companies and public sector organisations such as schools, hospitals and care homes.

How to apply?

·  If you are connected to the electricity grid, the fixed payment of £150 will be paid to you automatically by your electricity supplier. You do not need to make an application.
·  If you are not connected to the electricity grid, you will need to apply for the £150 fixed payment.
·  If you use more than 10,000 litres Kerosene per year you may be eligible for the additional payment and you will need to apply and provide evidence to support your claim.
·  Where possible, all applications should be completed on-line.

Applications to the scheme will close on 28th April 2023

Apply here.