The Swindon-based Water Research Centre has launched its latest offering to support the water sector – the WRc Academy. 

A portfolio of 36 industry-specific modules, built upon the Centre's 92 year legacy of excellence in the water sector, has been created to address the host of challenges faced by the industry. These include climate change impacting on the quality and resilience of resources, increasing customer challenges in terms of acceptability, affordability and appreciation for the value of water, ageing assets needing replacing or renovation on a more frequent basis than currently planned and an ageing workforce. 

Mark Smith, WRc CEO, says:  "The WRc Academy is here to help you develop your knowledge of the water sector. With over 90 years experience and 50,000 digital records, WRc is the place to come to for your capacity building. There are various  courses available to help develop your capacity as an individual or company." 

Modules can be attended both by individuals or bespoke sessions can be arranged to facilitate training for larger business teams, either at WRc Swindon or at the clients own facilities for total flexibility and convenience. 

More details here.