A Wiltshire IT asset disposal business is the first, company in the UK to be ADISA Standard 8.0 Certified ITAD DIAL 3 – Distinction. 

There are more than 100 Secure IT Asset Disposal companies in the UK and Blackmore UK, based in Warminster, has received the highest possible certification for the way it securely carries and disposes of people’s redundant data. To date, this is the only company in the whole of the South West to hold this certification. ADISA Standard 8.0 criteria is formally approved by the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) according to Article 42(5) of the UK General Data Protection Regulation. 

ADISA is the world’s leading certification body for companies that manage IT asset disposal services. They carried out a full audit of Blackmore UK’s procedures of how it collects, wipes, and then disposes of the data while making sure it complies with data protection laws and GDPR law.    

James Derrick, risk and compliance officer at Blackmore UK, has been leading the team through the audit. “Data security and environmental responsibility are of paramount concern to any organisation. It is essential to manage IT asset disposal in a secure and safe way. There is a corporate responsibility to deal with the physical components and securely dispose of any data remanence. We mitigate the risk of a data breach thanks to our full chain of custody and asset tracking. 

“Being DIAL 3 with Distinction means we are the single most highly certified company in the industry. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard and now we have the certificates to prove it. It’s been a real team effort and we’re all so proud of this achievement.” 

Chris Taylor, head of assurance at the ICO said: “Congratulations on being an early adopter of an important compliance mechanism - great to see” 

The DIAL, or Data Impact Assessment Level, is assessed by the company looking to dispose of the data. They look at the threat, risk, category of data, volume of data, and the impact it would have if there was a data breach. This then gives them a rating with the highest currently being DIAL 3. Blackmore UK receiving a DIAL 3 for their disposal procedures means they can dispose of highly sensitive material. 

Steve Mellings, founder and CEO of ADISA said this about the certification: “James and the team at Blackmore worked very hard during their assessment. To achieve a DIAL 3 is testament to great commitment and tenacity for achieving what you set out to achieve”