Local not-for-profit community group Zero Chippenham launched its innovative community solar panel scheme at the Neeld Community and Arts Centre on Tuesday, as part of its mission for positive action on climate change.

Aimed at facilitating the take-up of solar panels, the scheme reduces the risk involved in selecting a reliable installer and gives residents a discount of up to 20% on market prices through bulk purchasing and efficient installation.

Having obtained quotes from a range of local companies, the scheme offers a choice of two installers based on experience, reputation, reliability and capacity to deliver, including evidence of proper accreditations, a solid safety record and quality assurance. Representatives of the selected installers attended the event to answer questions and exhibit some of their products.

Zero Chippenham’s Alex Lockton, who has experience in the solar industry, explained that the scheme does the ground work in identifying reliable installers, giving people the reassurance they need before investing in installing solar panels on their property. The contract would be between resident and installer and residents are always advised to seek independent financial advice before going ahead.

Nick Murry, Chair of Zero Chippenham said “We need more renewable energy generation to cut carbon emissions and get to a net zero carbon society by 2030. This scheme has been designed to make it easy for people to make a positive choice to start generating their own electricity, whilst also cutting their greenhouse gas emissions.”
Zero Chippenham is also applying for funding to help local schools and public buildings invest in solar energy and is keen to hear from local businesses interested in taking action to reduce their carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Anyone interested in getting a quote or receiving further information about the scheme should contact Zero Chippenham through their website or by emailing