Choosing the right office for your business doesn’t just ensure you give a good impression to both new and current customers that visit your premises. It should also give your company the room it needs to grow, and it can even play a key role in ensuring the health and happiness (and therefore productivity) of your employees.


With you and your staff spending the majority of your week in the office, it needs to be an inviting and comfortable environment that motivates you to work hard and achieve your goals. However, this isn’t all that’s important; you also need to take into account the convenience of the location, as well as the facilities you need to function efficiently.


Here are the three main factors to consider when identifying the right office space for your business…


The accessibility


It goes without saying that your office should be in an easily accessible location as this will simplify the process of recruiting staff, as well as enable you to invite clients to your office for meetings. As well as checking if there are carparking facilities (either within your premises or in the surrounding area), you should do some research into the nearest train stations, bus stops and service frequencies. You should also look out for motorway links and cycling and running tracks.


The location


For new and growing businesses, the area you choose to base your offices can also have a considerable impact on your success. Being located near other companies will present you with a great opportunity to build relationships and make it easier to do business with them, so research your neighbours before you move. As an example, Swindon is a great location for start-ups because there’s plenty of places to find support, such as the Switch on to Swindon business group and various other networking groups.


The size


By law, you need to ensure that your employees are provided with enough space to comfortably work in. As outlined in Regulation 10 of the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992, there should be at least 11 cubic feet (40 square feet) of space per person. However, as well as ensuring that your new office can accommodate your current employee count, you should try to leave enough room for future hires to avoid you having to move just a few years down the line.


The facilities


Finally, when choosing the right office for your business you need to ensure it has all the facilities you need, such as a reception area, kitchen and meeting rooms. On-site showers are also a handy feature for staff that run or cycle to work or exercise during their lunchbreak. For new and smaller businesses, a serviced office is a great option as they can provide all the furnishing and equipment you need. This includes a modern reception that will greet your visitors and answer your calls in your company name.


At Rombourne, our great looking serviced offices are in central locations in Bristol, Swindon, Cardiff, and Newport, and they have all the facilities your business needs to grow and run efficiently. To find out more, contact us today.