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Maintenance Fault Tracking System

Simple to use, easy to maintain and very affordable.

Our web based Maintenance Fault Tracking System puts you in total control of all aspects of maintenance faults including a 2 way notes functionality with email notifications, Upload functionality for images and any documentation required for audit purposes.

Schedule Future Job, Planned Preventative Maintenance

The system allows you a simple overview of all current faults that are pending, allocated or with action required tagging.

The system set up is bespoke to each location specific area and if required allocation cost coding. The admin functions are very easy to use and update, the set up and training are provided by us with no set up fees or ongoing contract, we will even offer you a free trial to ensure it will work for your business fault processing operation.

Maintenance Management is a time consuming and takes managers and staff away from more productive work.

Mainteno is an advanced web based software designed by our customers so it puts them in total control It free to try easy to set up and use. You can introduce the system with a minimum of fuss and see the benefits immediately. So how does it make a difference The system allows use to directly report a problem They record all assepts of the fault and can even attached images .

Priorities can be set schedules can be monitored and authority for completing the work can send directly to your in house team or approved contractor.You can easy set up schedules Jobs and add Planned Preventative maintenance and if require these can be auto enable so they send the schedule to to contractor automatically on the date required.

The system has live management reporting at all levels .

The system is cloud based and and be used on any web enabled device we offer a free trail of the system no set up charges and no long term contracts .


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