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At SMARTech energy, we understand that companies today need to save money wherever possible. Energy efficiency is one of the largest areas in which huge savings can be made: and it helps to fulfil our responsibility towards protecting our environment.

That’s why we work hard to help as many businesses as possible rein in their energy consumption and save plenty of money in the process. We know that by acting now, companies can start to protect themselves against future energy price hikes by reducing their energy consumption and taking control over energy wastage.

SMARTech energy uses our expertise and experience to help businesses to discover how much energy they are wasting and then develop a cost effective route to reducing their energy consumption, carbon footprint and to become a more sustainable business.

Our unique methodology is to:

1.TAKE CONTROL – Carry out an Energy Management Survey with the aid of installing energy monitoring equipment to identify wastage, understand how, where and when energy is used.

2.REVIEW – Present a report with areas of wastage and recommendations of how to prevent this energy wastage. We also supply an overview on financial and carbon emission savings, costs of solutions and the payback.

3.PLAN – Develop an energy plan which fit’s with the business plan and outlines targeted percentage of savings.

4.TAKE ACTION TO REDUCE – Implement the energy plan to achieve targeted savings.

5.QUANTIFY SAVINGS – By measuring and quantifying the achieved savings of each action of stage four, this allows the client to justify each investments made.

6.ELIMINATE – This stage will be the implementation of any renewable solutions to make the business as self-sustainable as possible. Doing this last enables the client not to over invest in a larger renewable system which would have been required before we had carried out the energy plan. Businesses can achieve up to 50% energy reduction of the clients total energy consumption before implementing renewable solutions.

All this can be implemented through the Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency scheme which enables the savings to cover the cost of any energy solutions that require implementing along the way.

Interested? Why not get in contact for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation to see if it is the right time for your company to start becoming green.


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