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NCSC issues revised security Board Toolkit for business leaders

National Cyber Security Centre calls on CEOs and senior business leaders to take a more hands-on approach to cyber resilience with the launch of revised board-level tools
By Ian Lloyd,

First launched nearly five years ago, its Board Toolkit has now been enhanced specifically to improve board members’ and senior leaders’ confidence in raising cyber security issues and discussing them with stakeholders, including IT and security teams.

“Cyber incidents can have severe impacts on organisations of all sizes, both in the short and longer term, from causing reputational damage to grinding operations to a halt,” said NCSC CEO Lindy Cameron.

“That’s why I am delighted to announce the launch of the NCSC’s refreshed cyber security Board Toolkit to help ensure cyber resilience is rightly put at the top of the agenda for all senior leaders. I’d encourage all CEOs, board members and senior leaders to read through the toolkit and use it to drive forward the cyber security conversations needed to keep their organisation secure online,” she said.

The revised toolkit emphasises how board members should treat cyber risks with the same prominence as financial or legal risks, and includes a range of new tools, including enhanced information on the benefits of appropriate cyber posture, essential activities for organisations and indicators of success. Much of this is broken down into a number of new content options, including bite-sized informational videos, executive summaries, and a podcast featuring contributions from industry voices.