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Business purpose isn’t fluffy or nice to have; it’s essential if you WANT to be an entrepreneur who experiences success with ease and without sacrifice. It is how you become the leader in your business that you NEED to be and that is because...

• Purpose drives and inspires you
• It helps you stay connected to your VISION,
• and becomes a game-changer when created with meaning.

During this webinar, Lindsey Burden will share how surviving breast cancer in 2020 empowered her to connect deeply with purpose and its impact on her business.

She will share with you:
• Essential elements for creating purpose with meaning for your business,
• how to act in alignment with this
• and the mindset shifts required to stay aligned.

This webinar is the first in a series of three by Lindsey and is vital to unlocking your potential and designing your path to a successful business without sacrifice.

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