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Apprenticeships are a way of connecting people with ambition to businesses with vision - is that you?

Apprenticeships are not what they used to be and now offer more than 750 exciting opportunities in sectors from agriculture to waste management and everything in between.  An apprentice can help:
• futureproof your organisation
• bring in new skills
• help with employee retention
• provide new ideas and talent

Apprenticeships are a productive and effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. They can help you save time, and there is funding available to assist with attracting and training the apprentice.

Join us to break down myths and misconceptions of taking on an Apprentice and to explore the value it can offer your organisation.

This is the first webinar in a mini-series focussing on the fantastic opportunities that apprenticeships can bring.  In the next webinar, we will discuss utilising apprenticeships as a recruitment tool, accessing experienced candidates.  Apprenticeships are not just for school-leavers!


(You might also like to join us for an informal Digital coffee and chat 15.02.22 3-4pm with other like-minded business leaders to further delve into your specific situation.  Register for the webinar below, and via the link for the digital chat session) .

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