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You most likely know what needs to change, your gut tells you daily, and YET you don’t act. And this is because your limiting beliefs, old stories and habits are holding you stuck in the uncomfortable comfort zone.

It’s time to break free. 

In January 2020, Lindsey’s journey with breast cancer began, and she HAD to make changes in her business; she had to act. In this webinar, she shares why you must be the change, act upon your decisions and how you should never wait for an event to be the catalyst.

She will share with you:
• Decisions and practical changes she made 
• How these benefited her business and could benefit yours
• Why doing more is never the answer and how you are the key!

If you do not act, you remain frustrated and in the painful comfort zone. Join Lindsey to discover where decision is needed in your business, be inspired to act, and learn how to commit!

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