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Strength can be knocked by external forces. Perhaps a pandemic, a cancer diagnosis or a client terminating a contract; the smaller events that add up - someone saying ‘not right now’ to working with you or nobody turning up to your live event on Facebook.

You are stronger than you think.

In this webinar, Lindsey Burden shares how the strength of her mindset saw her through 2020, the pandemic and breast cancer. Why it’s about learning how to move through events, stay in your lane and the pivotal moments when you get to choose to retract or expand.

She will share with you:
• The tools she uses in her business and facilitates with her clients.
• Why you should never wait to act 
• How to recognise the pivotal moments in your business.

This is the final webinar in the mini-series with Lindsey when you GET to choose to experience success on your terms and without sacrifice.

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