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What is a ‘good’ business?  Customers are placing more importance upon finding brands and organisations which align to their own values and ethics. They are scrutinising companies and rewarding those with more sustainable and inclusive practices with their custom and loyalty.

A sustainable business is more appealing, so it makes good commercial sense to focus on the Triple Bottom Line - People, Planet and Profit when making business decisions.

Find out more about:
• how Bcorp is already supporting many companies
• utilising science-based evidence and providing transparent information to clients
• creating an effective Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy
• differentiating yourself from the competition
• growth through purpose
• accessing new markets and different sectors

Maia Growth help get businesses strategically and sustainably set in all the right places whilst also ensuring that they are high performing.  In this webinar mini-series, they will share their expertise to assist organisations look at how they can create Good Colleagues, Good Clients and Good Communities.


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