People are often finding the information they need to make their purchase decision on their own. Many customers will have made up their minds long before they ever reach out to you. Understanding the complete buyer’s journey means it's possible to avoid all the mistakes and overcome any issues a prospect might have. By supplying expert content rather than forceful marketing it builds instant trust. We know that trust has an enormous influence on today’s consumers and that nurturing approach will give you the highest potential to convert them. 

What the Buyer’s Journey Looks Like

You can see the importance of understanding the buyer’s journey. As you begin to identify each point you acknowledge how to engage your customers to reach that final decision stage. 

How It Impacts Your Business 

Now buyers holds all the power, not the seller. Marketing strategies from 30 years ago would not work in 2021. 86% of people skip TV ads and 61% of people research products and services online. To create an engaging marketing approach to cater to each stage of the buyer’s journey, you use the information mentioned above. By creating an effective buyer's journey, you can generate a better return on marketing. For example, if the buyer is in the decision stage, you probably won't overload them with technical information that isn't relevant to their pain points. When done successfully you become the thought leader for them – they will base all their decisions on your research.  


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