Arkell’s Brewery is hosting a recruitment event on Tuesday 26th March for anyone thinking of becoming a landlord or landlady. The event is designed to provide anyone attending with an insight into what it takes to run a pub and the entrepreneurial opportunity it can create.

From developing your own brand or managing a team to playing an active role in the community – pub landlords will have the opportunity to grow their business expertise whilst having the support of Arkell’s Brewery behind them.

There are over 48,000 pubs in the UK, providing 894,817 jobs to the UK workforce each year. “Running a pub is a great opportunity to join a strong industry, with the beer and pub sector contributing a massive £21.3billion to the UK economy annually; and the Wiltshire area said to have some of the UK’s most interesting and quirky pubs in the country,” Arkells said.

Taking place between 3pm – 7pm at The Grape and Grain, Arkell’s on-site beers, wines and spirits warehouse, the event will offer a chance for attendees to learn more about building a career as a landlord or landlady in one of Arkell’s 100 pubs.

More details can be found here.