open road

Restrictions are easing, Furlough is ending in September and future plans need to be made now.  To ensure that you take the right actions now for a smooth transition and to ensure a positive future, the Growth Hub has arranged for HR specialist, Kathryn Roynon, to deliver informative webinars over the next few months to guide you: Planning for the road ahead – Covid, Furlough and the Future.

This webinar will cover a range of topics including how to maximise opportunities and reduce redundancies. Kathryn will also help to ensure you will feel more comfortable with plans for the future to enable a consistent journey. Questions and queries may also be raised in a professional manner, to enable sensitive subjects to be collected and acted upon if needed.

These changes are a fantastic opportunity to review the positive options available to you and your team, your business and your customers. Book your place here today.

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