The fast moving digital world is hard to keep up at times, even for those that work within the digital industry. It’s exciting times and for those who embrace it can reap the rewards - helping business run smoother, maximising time, management, communications, and importantly increase profits.

But where do you start? With this rapid growth we’re starting to see a new cutting-edge era in Virtual Reality and phones are becoming more powerful than most computers. Half the battle is just to know what is out there and understanding how to apply that to your business.

Virtual Reality (VR) has seen a positive impact in recent years. Due to its commercial success the hardware has become more affordable and powerful enough to have extraordinary, and immersive experiences. VR has been around for decades, but we can finally experience virtual worlds with amazing clarity. Imagine a scenario that would not be cost-effective or too difficult to simulate in a real world environment, but is vital for training to improve your business. That’s where VR can have a hugely positive impact.

Have you heard of Pokémon GO? Then you may already be familiar with Augmented Reality (AR). It can expand our physical world, overlaying interactive 3D models and animation for fun and exciting content. However, it’s not just for entertainment, as its been heavily adopted by manufacturing companies too.  Recent claims suggest that AR is giving manufacturers a competitive edge. Boosting throughput, accelerating training, improving efficiency and safety. This all helps to reduce costs and improve profits. The technology is also perfect for higher engagement with customers in visitor centres and museums.

Game technology traditionally used for entertainment purposes actually offers a very powerful tool for learning. We believe it’s one of the most effective teaching tools out there. A new way to learn, which is the catalyst for engaging minds more frequently and for longer. Gamifying the learning experience has seen the rise of applications like Duolingo, a language learning game, and Mimo, a subscription service to help people realise that anyone can code. You may already be using these applications daily, and are so engaged you don’t realise the game is in the learning.

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